3 Secret Tips to Write More Clickable Headlines

Writing a great headline is as important as the content in your article. Learn how to boost your audience with this methods to get more clicks to your web posts.

It does not matter if you spent 38 hours writing the best piece of content in your niche. It does not matter if you have a master piece that can cause a revolution within your target audience.

Nobody is going to pay attention to it if you are not using the right headline. Well, a few visitors will come here and there but you will never get the traction you need to boost your traffic.

Headlines Are Flares In The Dark

Imagine for a moment that you are in an old town in the night. The darkest night you have ever been into. You can’t see anything beyond the tip of your nose.

Suddenly you see a red flare turned on in the distance. What do you do? You run to the light! Because that is the one thing you can notice.

Now let’s say that another flare turns on, a green one. You would be free to go to the one that looks more appealing to you. But you would not want to stay in the dark.

It does not matter if you were in a safe place right from the beginning. You would never have noticed that because of the darkness.

That is why headlines are so important, they tell you “Hey! Look at me! I’m here to help!”

How to Write Amazing Headlines

That is why it is so important to learn how to write headlines. It will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. You are constantly competing with tens of thousands of other websites every day.

You need to do something for people to notice you and pay attention to what you have to say. Here are my three favorite tips to write headlines that people want to click:

#1 Numbers Are Like Eye Candy

People are more attracted to numbers than to letters. If you begin a headline with a number it will increase the number of visitors you get pretty fast. Here are some examples:

Bad Headline: Meticulous Business Plan to Attract Visitors
Good Headline: 13 Steps to Increase Your Audience

Bad Headline: The Current Problem With Social Media Marketing
Good Headline: 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Failing

Always go for odd numbers instead of even numbers. It has been scientifically proven that it is more appealing to people. This is not a rule, you are free to experiment to see which one gives you the best results.

#2 Be Original

This is actually pretty easy to do. I suggest you to write at least 5 different possible headlines for your piece of content. Then run a quick search in google for the exact title.

If you see another article in the first page using your same headline, it means that you should discard it and try a new one. It may take you a couple of minutes at first but this method is totally worth it.

Your website content will look more original and it will also help you to go up in Search Engines. Remember that duplicate content does heavy damage to your rankings.

#3 Use Power Words

This is a set of words that wake up emotions in the reader. They are great to create curiosity and to make the user click on your link.

Here is a short list of the most common words you can use to enhance your headline. It will get an instant improvement just by using them.

Power Words for Headlines

Learning how to write amazing headlines is one of my most powerful methods to attract free traffic. You do not have to do any investment, just keep practicing and soon you will become a master of eye-catching headlines.