4 Common Mistakes Starters Make When Buying Hosting

Buying a hosting package should not be a difficult experience. However, with so much contradictory information online it is easy to lose your track and pick the wrong road.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly that, the wrong path, so you can easily avoid it in the future.

What Is Hosting Exactly?

common mistakes web hostingThis is an important question that many people are afraid to ask. One question that keeps a lot of people away from reaching their goals of making money online.

“I just don’t get along with terminology.”

“I don’t know anything about coding.”

“I can’t afford a web designer.”

These are just some of the negative thoughts that come when you first listen to this word.

Times and technology have evolved over the last few years. Nowadays ANYONE (capital letters so you know that I mean it) can manage a hosting and run a WordPress website.

You do not need any background knowledge in IT or even understand coding to run a successful blog.

In fact, I have the prove to that in another blog post where I teach you step-by-step how to launch your WordPress website from scratch. I go through every single detail from choosing your domain name to publishing your first blog post in that article.

However, not everyone wants to be guided by the hand. That is why I felt the necessity to address some of the common mistakes most people make when buying a web hosting package.

Just a few pieces of information that will take you a couple of minutes to read and can save you from countless hours of frustration and anger in the future.

Mistake #1 Going for Free Hosting

This is a problem so big that I dedicated an entire blog post about the disadvantages of using free hosting to talk about this issue.

The difference between the benefits you get from both platforms is huge. The biggest problem is that with Free Hosting you are tied by their rules and if you do not want to follow they will just delete all your content without notice.

If you want a personal blog or an online journal, free hosting might be a good choice. If you are serious about making money online you NEED your own hosting.

Besides, for not paying only $3 to $5 dollars a month, are you willing to take the risk?

invest your money hosting

Mistake #2 Paying Monthly Bills

When you buy a new hosting package from Bluehost (my most recommended service) you get a Free domain name and an special introductory discount.

I always suggest anyone to make a purchase for at least one year of hosting. This will give you the best possible investment you can get.

That also helps you to set a deadline to achieve success. Like a small promise to start making money online in the following year. Motivation is always an excellent tool to get your work done faster.

When I started I purchased the hosting plan for three years because at that moment I knew that, no matter what, I wanted to turn my passive income dream into a reality.

It was pretty helpful not to think about the hosting payments for a long time. When the time to renew my hosting arrived, my websites were generating more than enough income to sustain by themselves.

Mistake #3 Forgetting About Customer Support

Every respectable hosting company offers a 24/7 customer support and Bluehost is no exception. If by any chance, you decide to go for another hosting provider. Make sure that they offer this kind of support.

Do not be afraid to ask any kind of question you have to them. You would not believe the ridiculous and naive questions I had when I just started.

A quick call to the support center or a couple of minutes in the chat room and I was ready to keep moving towards my dream.

Mistake #4 Not Experimenting Enough

In my guide to launch your money making blog, I go through the entire process of installing WordPress. That is all you need in order to start making money blogging.

Still, there is a ton of different benefits that come along with your hosting package. I do not go through all of them because, to be honest, they are not needed for the purpose of this blog: creating passive income.

You might find some pretty useful tools that give you the extra boost you need to pass over your competitors.

bluehost features cpanel gif

Consider paying attention to these common mistakes in case you are launching your new blog in the near future.

One thing you can notice about all these situations is that they are not irreversible. You can easily take action and bring your blog back to the right path.