Bad Habit to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE When Starting Your Blog

Today I have some advice for you on something SHOULD NOT DO when starting a business online. This applies to a web store,  blog, forum or any kind of online project you would like to launch.

The Internet is full with all kinds of advice. Good advice, bad advice, useful advice and useless advice. Everybody seems to know what to do and they are not afraid to tell you what to do.

The first thing I need to tell you is that you should not believe blindly on everything you read on the web. Except for this advice of ignoring others, this advice is real and you should not question it!

“What Can I Do Then?”

That is a great question! There are two things that you can do to solve this issue:

  1. Do your research. Take a look at the opinions of popular influences on your niche about that topic. If many experts agree on the same idea it is unlikely that they would go wrong (but not impossible).
  2. Calculate the risk and try it out. Sometimes it is a good idea just to give it a shot. If you want to check if a red button gets you more sales than a blue button go for it. Apply this as long as there is not a large risk on the table.

You can consider those tips as an extra for this article. They might be simple but can help you to avoid a lot of headache in the future. It can be frustrating following a bunch of ideas that end up not working at the end.

Now here is the thing you need to avoid if you want to succeed online:

Spend to Much Time On The Books

By far the most common mistakes among newbies on the field. Again, I was in your place before and I understand you. That is why I drop this advice to help you out.

I get it. You just want to be completely ready before starting out. You want to keep the margin of error to the minimum and grab some general knowledge on as many topics as you can.

You probably have tons of important bookmarks and notes already prepared for “when the moment comes” and that is good and all. But have you heard of the popular phrase:

“Practice makes perfect”

That is one of the biggest truths in life and it applies to almost any field you can work on. Let’s read it again “Practice makes perfect”. Do you see it? You are going to become a master with PRACTICE not with theory.

Yes, it is good to always have some background on what you are doing. It is foolish to just go all out blindly taking risks. You should never do that.

But no amount of books, blogs, tips, videos, e-books or seminars are going to prepare you to the difficulties that will come up in your way. The road of success is similar to a lot of people but the path that leads to your goals is only yours.

You will find some difficulties along your way. It is up to you to decide if you are going to take on that challenge or drop the towel. You need to drop that fear of failure.

Stop wasting time considering all the possible what-ifs. Unless you are some sort of psychic you won’t guess what is going to happen. So stop overthinking what you want to do and just start out! Start today!

Right now is the best time of all! It is better to take baby-steps if you need to as long as you keep moving forward because your dreams are not going to come at you just like that. You need to go out and catch them.