How to Launch a Profitable WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Are you ready to learn how to launch profitable blog in WordPress and change your life? This step-by-step tutorial for beginners is the perfect place to start.

Five years ago, I was just another young professional frustrated for not being able to enjoy my life. I just did not have the time to do anything.

I’d set up budgets in order to buy nice things or going to vacations that didn’t last long. I realized that I was not enjoying my life at all. It took me months of working in an office just to get a couple of “free” days.

I was working tirelessly just to be able to “buy” some free time.

That is when I decided to get serious launching a blog to generate passive income. In that time, I didn’t know it would become my first money-making machine.

Now I am free to wake up every morning whenever I feel like it, have a healthy breakfast, and do whatever I want with my day. I have been able travel any day I want and continue generating income at the same time.

Learning how to launch a WordPress blog did not only bring money to my life. It got me the freedom I always wanted.

Today, I am going to show how to set up your first WordPress blog so you can start living your dreams. It is time to free yourself financially.

This will be a step-by-step guide to create a blog that you love and make money at the same time. The setup is so simple that anyone can do it. I will show screenshots to help you go trough every part of the process.

Click here to start your WordPress blog, then follow the step-by-step tutorial bellow. Let’s talk about the best platform to start your blogging journey and that is Bluehost.

Why Choosing Bluehost?

Two things, they are cheap and reliable. You can launch a blog with Bluehost for only $3-5/month when you sign up. (when you get it through my link).

It comes with a FREE domain name. This is important to begin with and avoid more expenses in the future.

You will not have to invest more money out of your pocket hiring a web developer or a coding expert. Bluehost is really easy to use. My tutorial will guide you step-by-step through every click to set up your blog.

In fact, here is a list of all the expenses you are avoiding by choosing Bluehost:

  • Register a Domain Name  |  $0 (Included in web host package)
  • Get Web Hosting  |  $3 – $5 per month
  • Installing WordPress  |   $0
  • Installing a WordPress Theme  |  $0

As an extra benefit, Bluehost offers you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service. When you sign up for 12 months or more (best pricing option), you can ask for a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

It means that you have nothing to lose. Because you have a full guarantee to get your money back in the only investment you need to launch your money making blog.

Now, you might be thinking “What About Free Hosting?”.

I have already made an article to point out the main differences between Free and Paid Hosting. Here are some of them:

  • They come with an ugly sub-domain. (,
  • The customization is limited.
  • Your content can be gone forever in one night.
  • Most of them do not allow to monetize blogs.

Remember that you are building something to generate you passive income for years to come. It will not be truly yours if you are using someone else’s space.

Besides, for only $3-$5/month, it doesn’t make sense NOT to go with your own hosting.

How to Launch Your WordPress Blog TODAY!

It is time to build your money making website! The first step is to choose the right domain name for your blog.

Step #1. Register Your Domain Name

Click here to start the process and then follow the instructions below to go through your setup.

“How Do I Get A Domain Name?”

You can click here to buy your hosting and crate your own blog, it comes with a 100% free domain name with your purchase. You will not have to worry about configurations or migrating your domain if you buy it somewhere else.

Some people lose a lot of time thinking on the right name for their blog, do not get troubled with it. Yes, it is always good to have a nice catchy name but it’s the content what matters in the end.

After you start building your audience, people will come back for your content. They will start recognizing your brand no matter what name you use.

Here are two techniques to come up with a great domain name:

  1. Use a word related to the content. I picked for this blog as it has to do with building passive income.
  2. Use an original name. You can make it up, ask to some friends and if they like it just go for it.

Both methods are good to help you get started. Remember, content is what is going to keep your audience growing.

You can get your FREE domain name through Bluehost. This is the easiest way to set up your WordPress blog really fast.

In case you already have a domain name and want to transfer it to Bluehost, you can do it through this link too.

Step #2. Get Your Hosting Package

In simple terms, a hosting is a place where you store your website information so other people can access to it. It is essential to run an online blog. There are hundreds of different hosting companies you can choose from but I’m going to spare you the headache.

I have tried various hosting companies in the past but the best one, and many other bloggers will also agree, is Bluehost.

When you are just starting blogging, getting a FREE domain name from the same provider that handles your hosting service is a HUGE help. It makes all the process way easier for you.

Now, I’m going to show you all the process through every single step through your registration. I suggest you to open Bluehost in a separate window so you can easily follow this guide.

bluehost guide first

The first thing you need to do is to click the green “get started now” button. Then you will be presented with the different hosting packages offered by Bluehost.

bluehost guide second plans

As you can see, the Prime Package is the most recommended. As you will get the most value from Unlimited Features for a really small price difference. I have been running more than twenty different websites for  the same price. I suggest you to consider it if you are serious about making a living online.

Note: I need to disclose that to get these amazing prices apply only for the 36-month hosting plan. You can sign up for less time if you want but I encourage you to take advantage of this great offer for three reasons:

  1. You can cancel with no risk for 30 days. Bluehost offers you a full refund guarantee for your hosting plans. In case you are not satisfied, you can get just get your money back.
  2. It will help you commit to your success. Just like when you buy a gym membership. It motivates you to keep going and not giving up because you already paid for the service.
  3. One bill less to pay. As I mentioned earlier, this is the only expense you need to cover to run your money making WordPress blog. With the 36-month plan you will not have to spend your early earnings to maintain your hosting.

After you select your package, you will be asked to enter your domain name.

bluehost guide 3 domain

Write the domain name you have chosen in the box on the left. Remember that Bluehost will give you that domain 100% free and will connect it to your hosting automatically. Click the blue “next” button to continue with the process and enter your account information.

After you finish entering your personal data, you can scroll down and you will see the Package Information section, make sure that your values match with this screenshot:

bluehost package information

The two extra services Search Engine Jumpstart and SiteLock Security are not essential to start running your WordPress website.

Finally, all you need to do is to enter your Credit Card information and check the box bellow to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Click the green “submit” button and you are done!

That is right! Now you are the proud owner of your own website!

Pretty easy right? Let’s continue with the WordPress installation!

Step #3: Install WordPress on Your Website

Login to your Bluehost account and click “hosting” from the top menu. Then scroll down until you see the WordPress button:

bluehost wordpress installation

A new screen will appear for you to install WordPress on your site. All you need to do is to select your domain from the list on the left and then click on the green”Next” button.

wordpress install in domain

Now it is time to enter your login information for your WordPress website. The next screen will ask you to enter your website name, email, username and password. After you finish just click “Next”.

bluehost installation wordpress info

That’s it! Your WordPress installation is now complete!

You will see a success message on the top of your screen like this one. Ignore the “Overall Site Progress” as we are completing those steps inside your new WordPress website.

installation complete wordpress

To access your newly installed WordPress website you need to go to http://[yourdomainname].com/wp-admin. Just replace [yourdomainname] with the one that you got from your Bluehost plan purchase.

wordpress login

Then enter your login information you created when installing WordPress on your website. After clicking the blue “Log in” button, you will enter to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step #4: Install a WordPress Theme for Free

A WordPress theme is the general design of your website. Think of it as a pre-made template with the right arrangement and colors for your blog or website.

Nowadays, there are thousands of different themes you can choose from. You can choose between Free Themes and Paid Themes. There are two main differences that stand out by going for the paid version:

  • Optimization.- Paid themes are usually designed to work at the best of their capacity without taking up so many resources. They are usually faster compared to the free version of WordPress themes for your website.
  • Features.- You can find Premium Themes that offer you a lot of different extra features besides a great design, such as: email opt-ins, social media buttons, auto related posts, author boxes, WooCommerce integrations, etc. However, you can still get all of these features by using free widgets for your site.

Many “Internet gurus” recommend you to pay for a Premium Theme as soon as you finish your WordPress installation. But with so many years of experience I can tell you that it is a HUGE mistake!

When you are just starting out, the design of your website is one of the last priorities you need to worry about. You should not waste your time dealing with headaches to customize every little detail of your website. You can pick a Free WordPress theme with an appealing general layout and get started right away.

Now, let’s choose a great theme for your blog to get started right away!

Once you log-in in your WordPress dashboard, we will work with the sidebar on the left of your screen. Go to Appearance > Themes and click on the top left button “Add New”.

wordpress theme install 1

You will be presented with the collection of the most popular featured themes on the platform. You are free to install any of these at no cost. In this example, we’ll install one of my favorite themes for starters: Wellington.

All you need to do is type in “Wellington” in the search bar. Once you have your mouse over the theme, you will be able to click the blue “Install” button.

wordpress theme install 2

Your theme installation will finish after a few seconds. Now all you have to do is to click the blue “Activate” button and you are done!

It is that simple! Congratulations! You have your WordPress Blog ready to go!

Step #5 Grow Your Blog!

You have made it! You have achieved quite a lot by this point!

  • Getting a domain name.
  • Setting up your own hosting.
  • Installing WordPress by yourself.
  • Activating a theme for your blog.

Now it is time to experiment a little and start with the basics.

I understand that it may be overwhelming at the beginning. There is just too much information out there that it may be confusing to know where to start. But do not worry because that is the reason was created.

I am here to guide you through techniques and methods that actually work. Actionable content to help you succeed online. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I will be sharing more tips to help you growing your business.

Final Thoughts and Resources

There are only three more steps you need to run a successful online business:

  1. Get content.
  2. Drive traffic.
  3. Monetize.

Here is a list of FREE WordPress guides that can help you to get started! Use these websites and articles to grow your blog:

Also remember to take a look at my Resources Page where I share all the tools that I currently use in all my successful websites.