Learing From Mistakes: Formula to Become Better Every Day

What are you willing to risk to achieve your goals? Are you ready to deal with whatever comes in your way on the ladder of success? If you are not certain that you can deal with failure then keep reading, I might have a piece of advice you can use.

It sure sounds like heaven being an entrepreneur. I mean, being your own boss, deciding your own schedule, earning more money as you put more effort in what you do.

challenges make life interestingBut the truth is that this world was not made for everybody. The road to success is crowded with difficult terrain, risks and failure. The only way for you to achieve your goals is to accept this reality and deal with it.

I’m not trying to discourage you from following your dreams here. I’m saying all this to you to show how things really are.

It is not easy, it does not matter that you follow every piece of advice I have for you in this blog. It does not matter if you get a degree on online marketing.

If you are not mentally prepared to deal with the problems that will come up in your way, it is very unlikely that you will achieve your goals. This does not only applies to business or marketing. It is a reality for all the big dreams you have in life.

With each difficulty that you have to face, you have the opportunity to grow as a person. To change and become a better version of yourself.

Only you can decide to learn from your mistakes. Become wiser or give up and let other people fight for their dreams.

Two Questions to Evolve Your Mindset

The subconscious mind is the most powerful tool you have at your reach. Its power is way beyond our understanding and the best part is that it is your friend.

There are two questions that I ask myself after everything that I do. It takes me just a couple of seconds and they have helped me to become a better person day by day.

Think of this questions as planting a seed in your brain. Probably you won’t have the answer right away. It is possible that you even forget about those questions by the end of the day. But your subconscious will not.

brain questions work

It will keep working in the background to get the answer to those questions that you asked. Doing its magic until it gets a valid response.

Deep inside you know that those answers will come in handy the next time you need to deal with the same situation.

1. What Did I Do Right?

Remember, these questions apply to every situation, it does not matter the outcome.

This question will help you to notice the bright side in failure and the brightest side in success. Understand your strongest side and it will be much easier to find your own weaknesses.

You will start noticing more good things about yourself. You are going to start learning more about who you are.

2. What Would I Do Differently the Next Time?

Again, this applies in failure the same way as in success.

In failure, you can start noticing what could be done differently. It will show you the weak parts of your strategy so you can come back stronger and wiser the next time.

In success, there is always room for improvement. Do not let pride blind you. Be honest with yourself and notice how can you make a victory even sweeter.

I do not care if I have to deal with 113 difficulties in my projects or I have to fail two or three times before achieving my goal. Because I will have the chance to learn and become better at what I do each one of those times.

I do not get tired of trying again and again because I am certain of what I want in life. I know that my goals are worth it.