My Overly-Simple Method To Pick The Right Hashtags

Everyone wants to find the secret formula to make viral posts. To watch that torrent of views flowing into your website.

The truth is that you can control this only to a certain point. After that it all comes to luck and the people who share the content.

However that is not a reason not to keep trying. It is just like buying lottery tickets.

You may have a chance of 1 in 10’000,000 of hitting jackpot but if you don’t try then your chance becomes a massive 0%.

The Hidden Power of #Hashtags

Well, I think I am exaggerating a little bit. The power of hashtags is not hidden anywhere.

How do they work?

It is actually quite simple, they are marks for your posts in social media. If you click on them, you will see posts from all the people using the very same hashtag.

The real big question is “Which hashtags should I use in my posts?“. This is something that causes a lot of headaches to many bloggers and online marketers.

I’m going to be honest. There IS a mathematical method to find the most effective hashtags in your niche. One that involves research, numbers, charts and data evaluation.

But that is way too boring and time consuming. I promise I will cover that up later in my upcoming YouTube channel. I will let you know when it is out, do not worry.

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So what is this post all about?

I told you right at the title. I’m going to show you a pretty simple and effective method to find the right hashtags in a matter of seconds.

This method works for any social network but let’s use Instagram for this example. Here is what you need to do step-by-step:

1. Find a popular account in your niche

instagram paleo search

Let’s work with the Paleo Diet niche on this example. All I need to do is to type “paleo” in the search box and I get the most popular accounts.

2. Pick an account with +50k followers

instagram paleo account

This is to make sure that they know how to keep that amount of traffic.

3. Click one of their posts and “borrow” the hashtags

There you have it! 10 excellent and targeted hashtags that you can use in your Paleo Diet blog.

hashtag simple instagram results

This post has over 150 likes! Remember that this number is way different from views. Thousands of people might already have seen this post and visited their website.

The potential of this method is amazing and, as you could see, it takes almost no time to implement.

I still suggest you to try different combinations of hashtags in each one of your posts until you find the ones that work the best with your audience.

Keep posting, experimenting and trying new things all the time and I guarantee that sooner or later you will hit gold.