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Welcome to the Primal Income Resources section, a list of the best tools and websites I recommend for building your business. I have personally tested every recommendation on this page. Some of the list resources are essential running my business every day.

Before we start, here is an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, this means that if you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a comission. The comission comes at no additional cost to you. I have experience with these companies and recommended them because they are helpful and effective, not because of the small comissions I make. Please do not spend money on these products unless you truly feel you need them or that they will help you reaching your financial goals

BLUEHOST  #1 Hosting Service

bluehost recommended hosting

Hands down the best choice for your niche websites. They offer you the fastest and easiest way to work with WordPress by offering an effective one-click automatic installation. It is perfect if you are just starting out.

The Prime Package allows you to host multiple domains without having to pay an extra fee when you decide to start a new website. This makes it way easier to scale up your business once and grow your income.

ClickMeter #1 Affiliate Link Tracking Tool

clickmeter resource primal income

The fastest and easiest way to track your affiliate link clicks. It is by far my personal favorite service, it also offers you a quick tool to mask the ugly affiliate URL. When you sign up using my referral link we will both get 500 FREE clicks a month!

This is the best way to optimize your campaign and find out where your conversions are coming from.

hemingwayapp primal income

HemingwayApp #1 Writing Helper Tool

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear without effort. Definitely the best way to learn the proper way to write for Internet blogs.

This writing tool helps you to improve the readability of your content. More attractive content always keeps your audience happy.

pCloud #1 Way to Store and Share Files Online

pcloud primal incomepCloud helped me to skyrocket my productivity on Day One. It is super easy to use, no matter if I’m in my pc or phone. I can work from anywhere I want and sync my documents, videos, and anything else in all my devices.

The drag and drop feature allowed me to backup all my information in only a couple of minutes. This is a tool that changed my life as an entrepreneur.

Payoneer #1 Payment Method

payoneer primal incomePayoneer is my favorite way to receive payments from affiliate networks. They send you a debit card right to your address. You can use it in any ATM or establishment in the world that accepts MasterCard. You can get a $25 dollar bonus when you sign up trough my referral link.

Some people complain that the fees are a little bit high compared to other payment methods. But I can assure you that the convenience for using this card anywhere is totally worth it.

Canva #1 Way to Create Social Media Pictures

canva primal incomeCanva is my favorite tool to create quality pictures for my social media profiles. The variety of templates and default sizes allows me to work twice as fast.

This online app is a must for any beginner in affiliate marketing. It does not require any kind of design expertise. The interface is newbie friendly and easy to use.